Payment Methods

Smarts Dance accepts wired transfer (T/T), major credit cards, PayPal, Western Union, and letter of credit (L/C). For small to medium orders, Smarts Dance recommends major credit cards, PayPal, or Western Union for quick payment processing. Letter of credit (L/C) is available for very large orders only.

Processing Orders

Unless otherwise specified in the order, no order will be processed until payment is made according to the payment terms set forth in the order. Orders that are pending for payments for over 3 weeks may be automatically cancelled unless buyers explicitly request to keep them open.

Transaction Limits

Wired transfer (T/T) has no transaction limit. Letter of credit (L/C) has a US$100,000 minimum per transaction limit. Major credit cards have a US$30,000 maximum per transaction limit. PayPal has a US$10,000 maximum per transaction limit. Western Union has a US$5,000 maximum per transaction limit.

New buyers and buyers who have never purchased from Smarts Dance before and are not able to provide proof of credit profile may have lower initial transaction limit for using credit cards and other online payment methods.

For payment using credit cards or PayPal, split payments from multiple credit cards or PayPal accounts to a single order is not accepted.

Payment Clearance Time

Payment using major credit cards and PayPal takes 1 working day to clear after receipt. Wired Transfer (T/T) takes 2 working days to clear. Western Union takes 1-2 days to clear. eCheck takes 4-7 working days to clear. Typical payment clearance time is estimated only and may vary by the payment processors.

Billing Address versus Shipping Address

Smarts Dance will do its best to protect the interests of credit card and online payment account owners. For credit card and PayPal payments, we ship to confirmed billing addresses only. Buyer with verifiable credit record or has purchased from Smarts Dance can choose alternative shipping addresses. If Smarts Dance is unable to verify the shipping address and the buyer has never purchased from Smarts Dance before, the order may be automatically cancelled after a few working days and the payment will be fully refunded immediately via the original form of payment.

Credit Verification

Buyer paying with a credit card that fails either the automated Address Verification System (AVS) test or Card Code Verification (CCV) test may be requested to provide photocopies of recent credit card statements, and a photo ID card to prove the billing address and his/her identity before the order can be processed. Such verification will be done only once for each new credit card that fails one of tests.

Buyer using a PayPal account that is unverified and does not have any confirmed shipping address on file may be requested to provide photocopies of recent credit card statements or bank statements, and a photo ID card to prove the billing address and his/her identity . Such a verification will be done only once for each new PayPal account.

If Smarts Dance is unable to verify the buyer's identify or the shipping address, the order will be automatically cancelled after a few working days and the payment will be fully refunded immediately via the original form of payment.

Buyer applying for revolving credit account with Smarts Dance may be subjected to additional credit verification in the form of business license, third party authoritative credit profile report (such as D&B DUNS number), bank account verification letter, tax returns, billing statements, and photo ID's of the business owners.

Price Validity

All price quotes in the order have a validity period. If the price validity period is not specified in the order, the default validity period is 1 week. Payment made after the valid period may be subjected to a significant price adjustment to align with the manufacturing cost. Buyers are recommended to make prompt payment after an order has been created as some products are subjected to frequent price fluctuations.

Unless agreed otherwise by Smarts Dance and the buyer, Smarts Dance reserves the rights to change any price at any time before the order is secured by initial payment.

Payment & Account Balance

Unless specified otherwise in the order, the default payment term is full payment in advance. For larger orders, buyers who show a good payment history from previous purchases from Smarts Dance may choose to have deposit first + remaining balance before shipment. Buyers who show verifiable credit records from approved countries and have long relationships in good standing may be qualified for applying for revolving credit accounts.

Transaction Fees

There is no transaction fee for most orders placed via our online order system. Wired transfers (T/T) less than US$500 may incur a US$9 transaction fee. Buyers are responsible for all fees charged by their local banks or Western Union agents. Large orders paid using credit cards or other online payment methods may incur additional transaction fees.

Payment Dispute & Chargeback

Buyers agree to contact Smarts Dance to address any payment issue before filing formal chargeback or payment disputes. In most cases, issues with orders are due to miscommunication and can easily be resolved. If a buyer files a formal chargeback or a payment dispute without a just reason, or the dispute is judged in favor of Smarts Dance by the bank, the credit card issuer or an independent arbitration party, buyer agrees to pay all fees related to the dispute or chargeback and will not seek further dispute for the same transaction.

Online Payment Safety

When our registration/order form asks you to enter sensitive information (such as your credit card number), that information is encrypted and is protected with the best encryption software currently available in the industry - SSL. Smarts Dance uses the most advanced form of SSL software available: 256-bit encryption. To learn more about SSL, please follow this link

Access to all of our users' information is restricted. Smarts Dance operates in a secured and locked facility that requires all employees to check in and wear valid ID badges. Security cameras are positioned throughout the building. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job are granted access to personally identifiable information. Buyer's credit card information is used for processing order only. Only the last few digits of your credit card number are stored in our database for verification purpose. Smarts Dance DOES NOT store full credit card number in any server.

All Smarts Dance servers, including web servers and database servers, are housed and maintained in a very secure data center in United States of America (USA). Access to the database is strictly monitored and protected from outside access. Internet access is restricted and protected by multiple checkpoints, firewalls, and password protection. The servers on which we store personally identifiable information are kept in a secured environment. Only personnel with proper security clearance have access to these restricted areas. Tape backups are not permitted to leave the premises without prior authorization.

All employees are kept up-to-date on our security and privacy practices. Any time new policies are added, our employees are notified and/or reminded about the importance we place on privacy and what they can do to ensure that our customers' information remains protected.